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Germany Grand Prix (Nota 7,5)

+ Hi, it´s the first review, completely, in english of VEL MAX.
So here we go.

+ I´m very sorry about Sebastian Bourdais. For me, his poor performances it´s morr a case of poor machinery than driver´s fault.

+ Sebastian Bourdias in Toro Rosso = Yannick Dalmas in Larrousse / Bernard Schenneider in Zakspeed... it´s a shame, a wastefulness.

+ Probably, Nelson Piquet Jr is in this “fired” team, too. Be fired in the middle of the season is very bad for his public image, but, in reality, achieve success in F1 it´s very unprobably. Reach the F1 level it´s, for itself, a great victory. Become a winner in F1, is for a little percent of the greatest PREDESTINED drivers in the world.
Probably, Nelsinho, how we call him here in Brazil, is so good how he father said in early 2008, but F1 is a very complicated game. You must have good car, and, VERY IMPORTANT, be able to drive this good car, fastest than your tem mate. After this, “easy part”, you must be a very good lucky guy... because Michael Schumacher was probably THE GREATEST, but mus have been THE LUCKIEST in the 90´s anda early 00´s years.

+ EXAMPLE: I´m a brazilian. I speak portuguese. I know what i can writte in portuguese, how it´s so much easier to me... but in english, my text, for a while, still is less funny than if i were writting it in portuguese.
So the final product it´s not so good the way it could because i´m still not completely familiarized with the english language... the same way the driver could be great, but don´t “understand” the car behavior... or the car is made for a kind of drive style that the driver is not able to do... so, sometimes, the driver cannot be fastest as everyone was expecting and it´s no ones fault.

+ Bourdais in Renault X Piquet in STR????? I´´ll not make a “R.I.P post” for Bourdais. Who Knows if Piquet and the french change their team, they could be able to achieve more points in the championship.

+ Talking about achieving points in the championship, yesterday was, really, the day that Mark Webber was waiting for, since he start in the motorsports. Everything (mainly, Brawn GP mistakes, ehehehe) was conspiring for a victory of the australian, but Nurburgring 09 was his best performance since he moved to RBR.
Great job!

+If anybody have doubts if Ross Brawn is or isn´t human, Nurburgring 09 is the answer. The genius make mistakes too. Since the incredible Ferrari´s mistakes with Massa in last year, i don´t remenber a team that ruins a race of one of their drivers, like what happened with Barrichello. It´s like Brawn GP just have one driver: Jenson Button.

+ More annoying than twist for Barrichello, is be Barrichello. Poor GREAT DRIVER. He made everything right, but finished behind his teen mate... sixth placed.

+ Yerterday, Button drived like he was sick. Probably this championship will be determined in the final races, like the 1991 championship, when Senna dominated in the earlier and almost lost the title in the second half of the season for Mansell in the superb Williams Renault.

+ Except for Timo Glock, Nurburgring was great for the germans. Nico Rosberg made a great job, closing the race in really good forth place. Adrian “PINBALL” Sutil made an impressive performanse in his modest Force India.
Really, really , really great job until... CRASH! Adrian was involved in other stupid acccident.
Curious how, when happen an accident, Sutil probably is involved... and probably, only Adrian has to retire or go to the box. Oh, boy...

+ Adriam Sutil = Earlier Eddie Irvine?

+ Waw! What happened with Toyota team?????

+ Waw! What happened with BMW team????? I feel sorry for my “brother” Kubica.


But, that´s not soooooooooo bad in the bavarian team. This time, Heidfeld it chose a helmet “not so ugly”.
Good news... remebering The Beatles, “It´s getting better all the time”.


+ Fisico? Are you still there? Yes, he does! Giancarlo made a very good race for the Force India´s level. Finish the race in the middle field don´t look great, but, FINISH ahead of Williams, Mclaren, BMW, Renault and Toyota drivers, in a race with just one retire for tecnichal problem, in dry conditions, was really great.

+ GOOD JOB Mister Vijiah “Dhalsin” Mallya.

+ Speaking about Renault, More one good race for Alonso in his slowly, and ugly, car. And about Piquet? Man, probably he is so disappointed
with the team, like the team is showing disappointed
with the brazillian.

+ If Alonso don´t have a good car... imagine the “car” Piquet is driving...

+ Very good job for the unluckiest driver of the lasts years: Heiki Kovalainen maneged to achieve very importante points for Mclaren... and made it, running in the front of the field, with de old Mclaren chassis model.

+ Just to explain the situation, Hamilton, with the new car, didn´t make so much better when he was in conditions to fight for positions.

+ Finishing, will Rubens keep motivetad in Brawn GP? Will Sebastian Bourdais comeback to USA? Will Nelson Piquet Jr be fired?
This, and other answers in Formula One, soap opera written by “uncle” Bernie Ecle$$$$tone...

PS: And we show you the funny side of the motorsport here, ever in VEL MAX!

see you later,
Fernando Ringel

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